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A Map to You Creative Advocacy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting community growth, championing children's rights, and fostering artistic expression. We work on multifaceted projects, engaging in legislative efforts, organizing impactful community events, and implementing technology and arts programs for the betterment of the broader community. One of our key objectives is to strengthen the arts sector and support artists' participation in international residencies, representation in local galleries and thereby promoting artistic growth and cultural exchange.


Additionally, we fervently advocate for small business sustainability, recognizing their vital role in local economies. Our Symbols & Treasures online store showcases talented artisans from around the world and their remarkable works, offering a platform for their extraordinary creations.

Our passion at A Map to You Creative Advocacy lies in making a positive impact on our communities. Our focus with children's rights advocacy centers on the area of Domestic Violence legislative initiatives that ensure representation for children's voices while addressing their needs and welfare.

Our dedication to the arts helps us nurture the artistic spirit within our community. By promoting artists' participation in international residencies and within local galleries, we provide them opportunities for cultural immersion and creative growth; this expands their horizons and deepens their artistry.

Our aim with technology is to democratize access to landscapes and economies by utilizing innovative methods to make communities safer, more equitable, and more accessible.

We understand the vital role of small businesses in our communities. As ardent supporters of their sustainability, we work towards creating environments where small businesses can thrive. This support not only preserves the economic health of our community but also fosters a vibrant and resilient society.

Our Symbols & Treasures online store reflects our commitment to artisans across the globe by showcasing their extraordinary talents. We take pride in displaying their unique contributions while providing them a platform for increased exposure and connecting their creations with a broader audience. As curators and collaborators of these treasures, we celebrate cultural diversity and support artisans worldwide.

A Map to You Creative Advocacy believes that community enrichment, safeguarding children's rights, advocating for the arts, and promoting sustainable small businesses form integral elements of a thriving society. Through our diverse initiatives, we aspire to create a lasting positive impact, laying the groundwork for a brighter future for generations to come.

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