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Artisanal Trading Post & Exhibition

As the days and weeks come closer to A Map to You Art|Shop & Collective launching the online gallery and artful tchotchke shop, there will be a few exciting projects that will lead up to the final launch day. Among these projects, will be our Artisanal Trading Post & Exhibitions. These expos are a celebration and platform provided to some of Los Angeles' most gifted artists, textile artists, craftsmen, and handmade vendors. Our events encourage local residents to get exposed to innovative art, creative and diverse perspectives, and to shop uniquely handmade artful tchotchkes. In addition, this is also a platform of advocacy for those who have the courage to live out their creative visions and dreams, as well as extending that courage into their livelihoods and sharing it with their local community members. 


The goal with our Artisanal Trading Posts & exhibitions - is to:


  • Build a strong network of artists who will support each other and our collective endeavors and project oriented goals. 

  • To actively advocate for artists from under-represented communities to continue their craft while sustaining a viable income.

  • And, to encourage art itself to be used as a powerful tool for social commentary. 




All the items are either handmade or repurposed and all ethically sourced and created. There will only be one very reasonable fee for the artist-vendors during the Artisanal Trading Post & Exhibition, which will be the charge for the booths only. The event itself is FREE for all those who attend, and the artists will keep all of their profits & revenue. We ask that you join us during this event and lend your support as we work towards achieving our artfully-collaborative goals.

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