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Artist Partnering Program

Legendary Artist Parnterships - Andy Warhol (left) & Jean-Michel Basquiat. Photo by MICHAEL HALSBAND/Landov

Our Artist Partnering Program creates an opportunity for artists to support each other in very tangible ways. The program is designed for an artist overseas or out-of-state to sponsor a ‘local artist’ who cannot afford the vendor-booth fee.


As required by the program:


  • Two or more artists will be partnered.


  • Both artists will coordinate the acquisition and/or return of prints or items to be sold.


  • The sponsored ‘local artist’ will then share & manage a booth for the artist who is unable to attend the Artisanal Trading Post & Exhibition due to living out-of-state or abroad.


  • Both artists will make arrangements of the profit-exchange.


  • And, A Map to You Art|Shop & Collective will confirm the sold or remaining inventory.


  • The Vendor-Booth fee will be waived for the ‘local artist’ in exchange for sharing and managing their booth.


It’s a win-win situation that nurtures community, and initiates a cohesive-collaborative dynamic that is mutually beneficial for both artists who are participating in the Artisanal Trading Post & Exhibition, in addition to enriching our society and bridging people as well as cultures.


The Artist-Partnering Program reflects the mission of A Map to You Art|Shop & Collective which is to support and advocate for our emerging artist community. This support is to enable the continuum of our artist’s creativity as well as their livelihood, and empower our art collective’s core values which is to provide a platform for artisans from under-represented communities and to encourage diversity within the creative industry.


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