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Meranda's Top 5 picks.


It’s perfect for a romantic date, a night out. I imagine going out in the evening, dressing up, maybe going to the opera or a night out with the girls. This set is a show stopper that demands attention to the person wearing it; a piece that requires me to be best dressed.

Each of the following accessories are my top picks to wear for more special occasions. 




Butterfly set

I really like this set because it’s more fun. I like that it is all gold and you can dress it up for every type of event. You can wear it day or night. It’s a bold statement piece that can complete every outfit and it’s still very feminine. I imagine going out for the weekend.

Leaf clip

I really see myself wearing this piece for special occasions including holiday gatherings, a wedding, or even prom if I were still of age.  Someplace where I can dress to impress, but also have fun with my look.

Bumble Bee bobby pins

I love how thoughtful this piece is; the attention to the bee anatomy and the color makes it feel very special as it pertains to nature.  While you can easily dress up or down with these, I imagine myself wearing them with my favorite summer dress or to brunch.

Pearl Twists

I love these pearls because you can use as many or as little as you like to put your look together.  Whether going to an upscale dinner, graduation, brunch, or wedding, these pearls make any look immediately look more elegant without having to do too much styling or manipulation with your hair.   

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