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We The Girls

We The Sisters.

By Brahmashakti Fudali

I was overjoyed when Michelle ‘Amtu’ Johnson asked me to share my thoughts about her new project, A Map To You Creative Advocacy in their first newsletter. What this sister is doing is so much needed in our Los Angeles community but also in the communities all over the world.  She and her staff are portraying the individual talents of the many beautiful girls, ladies, sisters, women whose skin colors come in a variety of different hues.  Michelle Amtu and her staff bring out the very beautiful creative uniqueness of us; therefore setting up a platform for us. And I thank her…


The poem below, although I have written six years ago, expresses how I  feel about our girl, lady, sister awesomeness and greatness…


I am sure that you and your staff will be successful in your project and all future projects that portray dreams that can and will come true for many sister artists while paving the way for our youth...Bravo!


I offer pranans to you, Michelle Amtu…

Girl People…

Ladies who love to help everyday people.

The everyday sisters who daily praise

The Creator to grow in strength,

So, we can always

Help other people.

Girl People…

Girls loving people;

Ladies helping other people, selflessly,

So, they will always be of service

To all people when they

Are called upon.


You are one of these girl people…

I am of the same sister tribe, too.

We offer our hearts, which are full of

Great lady respect,

Love and gratitude,

To all sister girl people that serve

Humanity by helping other people.


We, the girls, ladies, sisters will always

Serve God and all of God’s people through

Our creative artistry; our boldness;
Our fearlessness; our devotion

Our intellect; our beauty;

Our awesomeness!

We are unified at all levels

On what we positively do;

Together or working apart,

We got this...


We in our magnificence are one!

We, the girls, ladies, sisters are devoted

To serving all of the people; All of the time,

As God blesses each of us on our journey.


Now, this is girl helping people power!

© Brahmashakti Fudail


Brahmashakti Fudial is an initiated student of A.C. Swamini Turiyasangitananda who pursued devotional studies at Sai Anantam Ashram in southern California for many years.  She is a published author; Reiki Master; copywriter, wife and proud mother of 2…Please check out her website and where you may purchase her books...Stay blessed...


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