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Before I Opened It

By Unique Gathright

We were preparing our pillow pallets for a nice evening. The girls planned big glass bowls of hot kettle corn with chocolate chips, marshmallows and roasted nuts with sparkling water. I added cranberries to my bowl and had a glass of red wine. I can only drink red wine with my chocolate. It's more about the feeling than the flavor. For me it's like my mini Valentine's day for the moment.

I felt so satisfied; admiring my beautiful daughters, my eyes danced watching their personalities flow like pretty little exotic flowers. I felt pretty, feminine even, not classic at all... just pretty. Maybe it was the clean face with a high pony. I had applied lipstick after my shower but, they made a " NO MAKEUP rule ". So it was fine, I didn't mind.

There it was again, this sensation that something was about to happen. No one knows where we live so why did I feel a presence at the front door. I'd finally made a nice spot between pillows and wasn't looking forward to getting up from that position. Looking at the girls I said "Someone is at the door."

I stood slowly... the mood had changed by now. We'd all gotten used to being in a good space in life and finally started feeling like a normal family. I dreaded opening that door, but no one was there. Instead there was a box. The moment I saw it I felt different. I felt my eyes fill up with light, I felt curious and not afraid. My heart was beating fast from excitement and I couldn't stop smiling. I was anxious with anticipation, I wanted to open it immediately, but I felt I should be alone (Before I opened it).

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